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April 7th, 2009

Here is a list of some of the off-the-shelf parts and service companies that went into the construction of the clock:

Aculine Etch Acu-Line Etch is the service I used to Photo-chemically machine the brass metalwork. They produce precision machined parts for industry, but they work with artists as well.
Custom Laser Cutting I used Custom Laser Cutting to cut the faux-silver decorative parts and some of the hidden structural parts. Their customer service was very good.
Make Controller This is the micro-controller used to power the clock.
Anaheim Automation Servo This is one of the stepper motors used to power the clock from Anaheim Automation. The part number is TGM24-056-19-5V-020A-64R-LW4
Phidgets Sensor Cable These connect the Phidgets Analog sensors to the microcontroller. You can find them all over the web.
Phidgets Reflective Sensor I got mine from Trossen Robotics. I tore it apart and combined it with a IR transmissive sensor, below.
Jameco Transmissive Opto-Sensor This is an IR LED emitter and detector in a single package. I combined it with the phidgets Reflective Sensor, above.
Trossen Robotics Bearing Block This is a precision bearing used to mount the rear clock disk. Highly recommended.
DLink DAP-1522 WiFi Bridge This is an 802.11N wireless access point/bridge. I plug the Make Controller into this to provide Internet Connectivity to the clock. There are MUCH cheaper solutions than this.

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